Reflections 1

I am safe



My life force rooted in deep mother

My imagination aloft, held alive in the stars

Words from pictures tell my story of love and suffering
at war
in a dance of lovers

In my hands that know where peace hums its vibration.

Where acceptance melts in the human arms of raw understanding

I found in you
This reflection of me

And were you sighted with courage

…….You would also see


Madness 2

I wonder the way of ascension
...through any means but my madness

to ascend by way of madness is 
the freedom
pure driven instinct 
pure driven spirit, 
   the gray in me     
lifted to the call

the freedom of
pure driven thought
mind still 
alive in memory and imagination

climbing soaring floating 

                     into the thinnest of air

in that place 
                     of the thinnest of air, 
I capture a moment of breathtaking awareness

before I fall

back bent arms wide chest open in surrender 
to crash
skull split 
body tangled

and back up into ascension 
I rise


The Killing Hands

From a close distance, I watched as I held my heart in my hands
tender and worn 
never-ending grief pouring holy tears of love over the pulse of its life, 
consecration in this rite.  
I watched as I held my heart raised 
my teeth bared 
              and bit through the strong beat.
I watched as my head lifted, heart held above in determined hands
Squeezing false life from me.
Blood slid between my fingers, sluggish with venom
 Infinity passed.
I watched as I knelt and lowered my still and ready heart upon the earth.
My eyes closed 
and I placed my killing hands into my mouth 
            and ate the blood of my love for him.
I swallowed my sacrifice, breathing in the possibility of life and nature
and gave birth to air

I watched as I blew this air, gently onto my dead heart

And I wait for the wildflowers to grow.

Beware the Silence 1

I imagine there is only one perfect silence

           And that

Is the silence of bliss

I do not know this silence

But it is 

…….the only


I trust


Two Months in Quicksand

I've been


       into the nothing of thirst and longing
mouth open in the scream of a dream


I'm still there
close to climbing free










Feet first


In a toilet

Full of quicksand


Trust Transcendent

When I walk into the trap
Willing my humanity held by the blood of another
I ask please,
Band my neck, trusted one
Bind my body, trusted one
Secure my hands and mouth, trusted one
For the birth of freedom
I walk willing 
Into the trap

And transcend the pain of what once was